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Talking Timestat

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This extremely versatile device has a host of features, including 2 independent timers adjustable individually for every day of the week, a thermostat and a frostat.
Any of these can be used separately or together to control a mains operated appliance up to a maximum rating of 2kw. i.e electric heaters, tape recorders, radios, lights, electric blankets, etc,etc.
The Timestat is very simple to set and use and has a very clear voice with volume control.
When plugged into a standard wall socket it charges its built in battery and will remember its settings for several months when disconnected.
The Timestat also functions as a talking clock and thermometer.
Size: 110mm - 4.34" (W) x 195mm - 7.70" (L) x 55.73mm - 2.19" (D).
No batteries required.


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