Mouse Magnifier

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This lightweight and easy-to-use hand held magnifier is the size of a computer mouse. The unit connects directly to your TV or via a TV/USB converter (not supplied) to a computer. Wheels are located on the bottom of the unit to allow guidance when moving the reader. It has 7 zoom levels giving up to 70x magnification on a 20” screen, (Please be aware this magnification varies depending on the screen size—the larger the screen the greater the magnification). Viewing modes are; black background with white text, high and low contrast - white background with black text or full colour. The freeze frame feature allows you to take a snapshot of the item you are looking at and zoom in or out on the captured frame. The magnifier can be used horizontally above the text or, using it’s adjustable focus, at longer ranges—i.e. to view objects at the far side of a room or even greater distances.
Supplied with a carry pouch, connection cables and mains adaptor.


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