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A unique, innovative and exciting product, which enables your existing iPod to announce your stored artists, album titles, song titles and audio books. The I-Tell simply plugs into your iPod and your earphones plug into the I-Tell; you then control your iPod through the controls on the I-Tell. The unit also includes a removable belt clip. You can connect other devices such as a radio transmitter or charger to your iPod whilst using the I-Tell. The I-Tell has 5 main control buttons which work in a similar way to an iPod, with 2 additional buttons to control the volume. The unit has an additional setup menu, which enables you to choose the voice style, voice speed and the gaps between words.
Size: 38mm - 1.51" (W) x 114mm - 4.5" (L) x 11mm - 0.46" (D).
The unit requires no batteries as it is powered by the iPod.
Compatible with most iPod’s which have a docking connector.


  • I-Tell Audio Instructions