Big Button Cordless Phone with Answering Machine

Speak description

The handset has large contrasting, tactile buttons and a LCD display with black text on orange backlighting. The phonebook stores up to 200 names and numbers and the Caller ID displays the last 30 incoming numbers. The unit is hearing aid compatible with an adjustable volume of up to 35dB and a ringer volume up to 90dB. The phone also features an answering machine with 11 minutes recording time with voice prompts in English, German or French and message playback through the handset or speaker. The answering machine also has extra large buttons and announcement of the day and time of the message. Other features include; hands free speaker, 9 ringer melodies, paging function to locate handset, clock and alarm function. The unit is GAP compatible with the ability to connect up to 4 handsets.
Please note: sighted help is required when setting up this product.
To use the Caller ID you will need to subscribe to this with your service provider.

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